Review the options. Finding the way. Empowering the individual.

Hello and Welcome to my blog page. My name is Saine Grandison. I have a beautiful family with three lovely children.

As a hypnotherapist, life coach & public speaker I get to concentrate on the good things in life.  When I talk to people about their issues it’s always from a point of few of making things better.  Some issues can’t be changed but there’s always something that can be done.

Looking at things from a different angle & fine tuning feelings associated with an issue can be very empowering. It brings in that missing element of choice, where you’re not at the mercy of your feelings.  Going through life without happiness, fulfilment or a sense  of constantly feeling stuck is a burden many people carry around with them; sometimes for years.

Hypnotherapy and personal coaching are two distinct disciplines that have similar but separate techniques to solve issues. Both are very powerful and have proven benefits.  Motivational speaking & inspiring others is something I’m passionate about, it helped me hearing positive messages when I was at a road block in my life.  I love giving back & spreading the word of living life to the full.  One life, many chances to be happy…. as a life coach let me help you choose one.

If you’d like to know more about how hypnotherapy can help you take a look at my website sgrandisoncoaching.co.uk & if you’re based in Birmingham give me a call to make an appointment.

Thinking about making positive changes in your life & you’re ready to take the first step, then contact me about having a life coaching session. To see if life coaching is for you.  Take advantage of the 30-40 minute reduced fee initial consultation life coaching session of only £20. There’s no obligation to continue but I know you’ll find it a process you’ll get great benefit from.

One to one sessions are available at my Birmingham office or by telephone & Skype.

keep calm

 Contact me on 079 8008 6937 for further details.

                            “You only get one life… make the best of it! “


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